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On September 11, 2003 the Montana Supreme court REVERSED termination of my parental rights. You can read the briefs and opinion at http://www.lawlibrary.state.mt.us/dscgi/ds.py/View/Collection-9055
So what happened next??  My daughter is STILL being held captive and here's how: The Social wrecker re-filed the SAME material as before (that just got reversed), got re-assigned a new case number and a new judge and filed an "emergency protective services" and show cause order on September 16th, 2003.  My attorney (appointed to me at the request of the department and the same one that has been off and on the case) filed a motion to dismiss; the department filed a response on October 9th and we will file our reply to that sometime next week.
After that, the judge has a decision to make and I will keep you posted on the outcome.